Workflow Excellence

Today’s competitive landscape demands tight production windows, seamless information flows, and flawless customer service. TwinEngines delivers Workflow Excellence through our three-step approach:

1. Workflow Engineering

Every system, process, role and method in your business is logged and mapped. We develop virtual models to re-engineer your operations for enhanced productivity, real-time visibility, and competitive advantage.

2. Workflow Technology

We connect your ERP, CRM and financial systems to form a unified business and operational platform. We do this by building targeted solutions for your unique processes and integrating them with TwinEngines’ proprietary Workflow Modules to reduce costs and speed development.

3. Continuous Improvement

Our program of continuous process improvement lets you quickly respond to competitive changes in your market. We provide ongoing support and process improvements to your operational systems while reducing overhead and relieving demands on your IT staff.

Is this you?

“We run a unique business. Out-of-the-box ERP software does not work for us.”
  • We have found that most mid-market companies have invested in an ERP system with high expectations. The reality is that these systems only address 80 percent of their business process management needs.
  • The 80 percent that ERP covers is geared to the mass market. It covers best practices for most common applications.
  • The uncovered 20 percent represents your proprietary operations.
“We’re still using SPREADSHEETS to run our business.”
  • Spreadsheets represent key processes that operate outside the main system – quoting, job costing, production scheduling, etc.
  • Spreadsheets are disconnected, creating functional gaps such as cumbersome reporting, difficult time analysis, and compromised data quality.
“We have limited VISIBILITY across the organization. We need to know what is going on to make quick decisions.”
  • Most organizations harbor islands of functionality and gaps in functionality. Sales people are disconnected from the shop floor which is disconnected from accounting.
  • These disconnects introduce unnecessary complexity. It takes too many clicks to get things done. Exceptions sabotage the workflow.
  • The perfect workflow needs real-time status, yet information is delayed and bottlenecks are hidden.
“Our customers, vendors and partners need to CONNECT to our system.”
  • Integrated value chains drive success today. Your ability to connect to your customer’s value chain rather than individual capability that creates competitive advantage.
  • Customers also expect real-time accurate information as a basic customer service. They expect ecommerce, portals and Web integration.
  • Multiple workflow paths are required to support mobile, Web, email etc.
  • A fully-connected system also connects to shop floor equipment. Automated reading from gauges, counters, barcodes, and in the field allows real-time collection of information.
  • Interconnectedness includes social media. Twitter, Facebook, and other media are now part of the information mix.
“PAPER slows us down… Too many manual errors.”
  • Paper slows job changes. Even a simple address change will break the workflow
  • Paper creates imperfect workflows. Everyone needs the job jacket all the time
  • Paper introduces duplication waste and errors. There is no error checking with paper
  • Paper is unable to handle volume or scale. More orders require more people to manage them.
  • Paradoxically, paper represents high-cost information management. Job shops that manage by paper lack a competitive advantage.
“We need MOBILE access to our information.”
  • Today, the technologies used for work and personal life have merged.
  • Agile operations need mobile access via tablets on the shop floor as well as mobile access in the field.
  • ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV are now accessible via phone, tablet and laptop.

Perfecting your workflow delivers value:

  • PROVIDE real-time visibility to everyone in the organization.

  • CONNECT all processes: internal, external and the shop floor.

  • INCREASE velocity, eliminates waste, and engages your customers.

  • ACHIEVE the “20 percent” competitive advantage that sets you apart.

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