TwinEngines is known for pushing out-of-the-box ERP software beyond its limits. For this reason, our workflow excellence approach earned us a speaking slot at Insights 2018, the annual Epicor Customer Conference,.

Using case studies, TwinEngines showed how our combination of business process strategy and custom workflow technology streamline processes throughout an organization.

Three of our business partners also demonstrated how they stretched the limitations of Epicor to fit their business processes. They included:

Sean Wallace, Controller, Osprey Corporation
Osprey designs and assembles engineered-to-ordered filtration systems for manufacturers. Osprey functions like a fabrication shop. Each delivered job is uniquely designed and assembled – mostly from outsourced vendor components.

Osprey faced several challenges to make the move to Epicor. They had no operations group to manage ERP, they were used to managing the production schedule from a spreadsheet, and their CAD-driven, vendor-dependent workflow presented scheduling challenges.

TwinEngines created a production scheduler that modeled the company’s unique workflow, communicated with Epicor, and was easy to use like a spreadsheet. As a result, every department has actionable information without needing tech-savvy management to run the system.

Gabriele Testore, Global ERP Program Manager, Vernay Laboratories
With five manufacturing locations around the globe, Vernay places huge demands on its Epicor ERP system. Placing such a big load on a single install of Epicor software can make it impractical to use for on-the-fly press run scheduling of fluid control parts. In practice, processing a single MRP run could take up to two hours.

TwinEngines designed a standalone workflow application that taps into the Epicor database to make quick scheduling decisions. With this solution, a Vernay logistics staffer can manage sales orders, jobs, materials, and press scheduling with a simple drag-and-drop interface. The MRP process runs as batches in the background as needed.

Ben Stohr, Developer/Estimator, Denyse Companies
DeNyse is a full-service manufacturer of commercial signage. Out-of-the box ERP systems struggle with the sign business. For one thing, the typical sign order (for example, for a residential complex) might have an entrance sign, multiple directional signs, and a hundred or so room signs. Many of the sign features are shared, and many are unique.

TwinEngines designed a standalone work order system that runs the scheduling process outside of Epicor. The application groups multiple jobs (signs) into a single work order while also tracking labor components, materials, scheduling, and costing. The system also coordinated the many resource groups – design, fabrication, paint, graphics department, etc.

The DeNyse app’s interactive calendar functions as a production scheduler that maximizes production efficiency throughout the many resource groups that a work order full of jobs must pass through.