sharepointBusiness-Critical SharePoint solutions connect employees, business processes and line-of-business (LOB) systems, making information visible and useful in the front office, on the shop floor and across the manufacturing value chain.

Here are the top 10 benefits for manufacturers:


1. Connect the Front and Back Office

Information in ERP, PLM and CRM line-of-business systems is surfaced through a single presentation and collaboration tool that everyone knows how to use.  Shop floor information is distributed and collected in real-time with mobile devices.

2. Add Visibility into Business Processes

Managers have real-time, cross-departmental views of sales, engineering, and operations.  Rework and scrap are reduced by identifying challenges earlier.  Dashboards provide the data necessary to continually improve operations flow.

3. Automate your Value Chain

Customers consume the information they expect at every step along the value chain, reducing your costs and building customer loyalty. Interactions with suppliers and vendors are optimized – from purchasing through operations to third party logistics.

4. Be More Flexible and Agile

Your organization reacts quickly to changes in resources, customer demand and opportunities to keep your competitve edge.  No more time-consuming searches on the shop floor or shuffling paper work for orders, shipments or invoices.

5. Create Distribution Channels – Profitably

Internal processes and systems are extended through the Internet so your dealers and distributors can effectively sell your products.  You have visibilty of sales to maintain profitability and your partners have the tools they need to service their customers.

6. Simplify your Workflows

Automated workflows replace manual processes and spreadsheets – no more duplicate data entry. Estimating, sales approvals and scheduling are automated to meet your unique processes. Your business grows without always growing your staff.

7. Give Employees the Tools to be Successful

Employees focus on productive work instead of administrative chores.  Ownership and accountability are built into work processes, interuptions to employees are minimized and nothing falls through the cracks.

8. Efficiently Manage ISO Quality Requirements

All information to efficiently manage quality is delivered when and where it is needed to ensure your products and services meet customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements.  Continual improvements of your QMS are cost-effective.

9. Eliminate Reports and Reduce Emails

Employees view operations information inherent in automated workflows, eliminating the costs of creating and supporting dozens of “one-off” reports.  Job status is viewed real-time and decision-making is quick.

10. Drive Higher Return on IT Investment

Employees access information through a familiar interface, so IT administration and training costs are reduced.  ROI of other line-of-business applications increase by surfacing information locked in those applications for licensed users.


TwinEngines is a member of the Microsoft Business-Critical SharePoint program with over 18 years experience working with small/mid-market manufacturers and industrial services companies.  Join us in the conversation on ways to become more effective, agile and connected.