Experience Seamless
Production Management

Our automated workflow solution eliminated the need for
5000 job management emails per month at PSP Printing.

Achieve visibility
for every job in production

Enjoy end-to-end job visibility from sales orders
and inventory to job floor and billing.

Automate Your Workflow Management

TwinEngines reduced order-processing times by
50 percent for United Controls International.

Does your ERP system work
the way you expected?

Seamlessly connect your ERP system to
your manufacturing  business processes.

The TwinEngines Solution:

OPTIMIZE new or existing ERP systems,

FILL the gaps that exist in your workflow automation,

CONNECT all stakeholders in your business,

STREAMLINE operations in order to create a true competitive advantage. | Learn more

Total Workflow Automation 

Learn how TwinEngines aligns IT systems with business processes to make your manufacturing operations more competitive, agile, and connected.


with REAL-TIME VISIBILITY of your workflow for every person in your organization.




our three-step

approach to

improving your


business processes

and competitive


1. Strategy

  • Analysis– We identify and map every system, process, role and method in your business operation.
  • Strategic Modeling – Your business processes are re-engineered for enhanced productivity, real-time visibility, and competitive advantage. more

2. Development

  • Business Systems – We connect ERP, CRM and financial systems to create a unified platform.
  • TwinEngines Technology – Our workflow modules speed development and connect with your business processes.
  • Application Development – We build targeted solutions for your unique processes. more

3. Partnership

  • Operational Partnership – We help you adapt to competitive changes in your market and business operations as they occur.
  • Workflow Support– We provide ongoing support and process improvements to your operational systems. more

The first step to total workflow automation begins with a conversation.