TwinEngines Employment Benefits Overview

It is important to back up our commitment to our employees with a quality benefits package. Full-time employees at TwinEngines are provided the following benefits:

Retirement and Additional Income Opportunities:

401(K) Plan
TwinEngines provides a matching contribution for each employee.

Profit Sharing Plan
On behalf of its employees, TwinEngines, Inc. contributes a certain percentage of their total eligible W-2 earnings.

Insurance Coverage:

Comprehensive Medical and Dental

Life Insurance
Employees are provided with $20,000 life insurance with the option to purchase additional coverage.

Long Term & Short Term Disability Insurance
TwinEngines pays 100% for each employee’s medical and dental premium plus 50% of family premiums.

Continuing Education Benefits:

Tuition Assistance

TwinEngines, Inc. encourages additional training and certifications. TwinEngines gladly covers approved testing fees and training material for this purpose. Tuition assistance is provided for satisfactory grades in an approved degree program.

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