About TwinEngines

TwinEngines helps manufacturers and product service companies improve their workflows and visibility of operations by aligning business processes and line-of-business systems.

Tablet on shop floor process automation

TwinEngines is a business process technology company that helps mid-market manufacturing and industrial services businesses become more effective, agile, and connected.  We streamline business processes by aligning a company’s information systems with their operational processes. Our method includes:

  • Business Process Strategy: We map every system, process, and role in the business to re-engineer your business processes for enhanced productivity, real-time visibility, and competitive advantage.
  • Workflow Technology: We develop a unified business and process platform that connects a company’s ERP, CRM, Financial, and operational systems.
  • Continuous Improvement:  We function as a technology partner for our clients, using a Lean Agile development approach to deliver continuous productivity improvements.

Expertise: Our background includes hands-on knowledge of the manufacturing value chain, operational processes, business systems, and manufacturing processes. As a result, we build systems that automate workflows, connect the shop floor to the front office, extend visibility via web portals for customers and partners, and integrate devices for mobile workers.

workflow automation for printersTechnology: Our technology platform extends your existing business systems:

  • Operational Systems
  • Customer and Vendor Portals
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Business Systems Integration
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Dashboards/KPI


At a Glance

What we do:

We are a business process technology company that aligns information systems with operational processes to make businesses more effective, agile, and connected.

Who we serve:

We serve mid-market manufacturing and industrial services firms, typically with $10 million to $250 million in revenue.

Our facilities:

We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA with software development facilities in Lexington, KY and San Jose, Costa Rica. We have over 23 years in business and over 20 employees.

Technology partnerships:

We are a Microsoft Competency Partner

“We realized that we would need to staff three or four additional positions just to run off-the-shelf ERP software.

I couldn’t justify having to adapt my business to the software – which should be working for us.”

Robbie McDaniel

President, PSP Printing, a TwinEngines client

The first step to a streamlined workflow begins with a conversation.