Workflow Excellence™

Streamline your business processes to improve your competitive advantage.

Complete visibility for every job in production

Enjoy real-time visibility: from sales orders to billing.

Seamless Production Management

TwinEngines eliminated the need for 5000 job management emails per month at PSP Printing.

Automate Your Workflow Management

Order-processing times reduced by 50 percent for United Controls International.

Does your ERP system work as expected?

Seamlessly connect your ERP system to your manufacturing  business processes.

Make your business more

effective, agile, and connected

when you align your information systems with your operational processes.

Why TwinEngines?

We deliver real-time visibility of your entire workflow to every person in your organization.



CONNECT internal and external processes throughout your organization.


BUILD the platform for ongoing scalability and growth.


GIVE everyone in the organization access to the information they need when they need it.


ACHIEVE faster throughput with less waste while engaging your customers.


IMPLEMENT unique IT capabilities to differentiate your business in the marketplace.


ADD the functionality missing from your current systems to run your business more effectively.

Do you face these


“We needed to coordinate activities with many different companies in the nuclear industry.

We had to incorporate their services, review and approve their work, and bring these companies into our unique process with a new level of visibility, efficiency, and coordination.”

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Rob Hale, CEO

United Controls

“I couldn’t justify having to adapt my business just to work with off-the-shelf software.

“PSP looked at several ready-to-run applications. We were going to have to staff three or four additional positions just to run the software — which should be working for us.”

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Robbie McDaniel, CEO

PSP Printing

“We wanted to start pool liner production while the dealer was still at the customer’s pool.”

TwinEngines developed a Dealer-Distributor Web Portal to allow remote product configuration of pool liners, quoting, and orders through Tara’s existing Fourth Shift ERP system.

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Steve Kazperzak

IT Director, Tara Liners

“We’ve doubled in revenue since we started with the TwinEngines system.”

“Best of all, we haven’t had to double our personnel to manage it. That’s because we streamlined our process in the office while doubling physicists in the field.”

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Rosa McTee

Administrator, Phoenix Technology

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