Working with TwinEngines

Your market doesn't stand still. With TwinEngines' continuous process improvement, neither will you.

1. Strategy

  • Analysis – We perform a complete strategic and operational review of your processes and systems. By looking at your entire workflow – quoting, sales order creation, sourcing, operational tasking, production, transactions, all the way to shipping – we discover silos of disconnected information. We also include mobile users, subcontractors, and partners in the analysis.
  • Strategic Modeling – With the audit in place, we re-engineer the way information flows through your business processes. We also identify ownership at each stage to model all the triggers, sign-offs, participants, and timings in the workflow. The goal is to automate processes and increase visibility while preserving the way you do business.

2. Development

  • Business Systems – We interconnect all of your systems – ERP, CRM, and financial –  to your workflows. The goal is for your front office systems to connect to what’s happening on the shop floor, or for your field reps update a job status remotely, or for vendors, subcontractors, and customers to stay connected to a job’s progress.
  • TwinEngines Technology Platform – TwinEngines’ workflow modules speed development and integrate a broad range of application processes. We use Microsoft SharePoint for the underlying framework.
  • Application Development – For the processes that are unique to your product or service, we build targeted solutions using Microsoft .Net, Visual Studio, Share Point, SQL Server, and Reporting Services.

3. Partnership

  • Operational Partnership – Today, businesses can’t afford to stand still. New technologies, changing product lines, expansion needs, and competitive pressures require that your workflows and systems continuously update to reflect these changing requirements. As working partners, we keep your operational systems current and competitive for the long term.
  • Sustainment – With TwinEngines as your partner, your systems become more reliable and more available. Your employees become more productive and more efficient– generating more revenue for your business. Most importantly, your TwinEngines technology platform delivers a competitive advantage as a revenue-generating asset.

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